Vote Center Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a voting location for Harris County Elections! It is our mission is to provide safe and accessible voting to the residents of Harris County!

Please go through this checklist to ensure your facility meets the standard.

  • Facility is 800 square-feet (sq-ft).
  • Climate controlled.
  • Two (2) electrical outlets inside of the room.
  • Parking structure or surface.
  • A designated and secure area for storing voting equipment.
  • Use of 4-5 tables and 6-8 chairs.
  • Accessible and compliant walking path to the voting room from parking, public sidewalk, and public transportation (if available).
  • Accessible parking conforming to ADA standards, or space to create accessible parking using cones, signage, etc.
Please enter a valid zip code.
Please enter a valid phone number.
Please enter a valid email address.
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